“There is a darkness in us all – a deep echo in our hearts;    A place of fear and sorrow."

“There is a darkness in us all – a deep echo in our hearts;

A place of fear and sorrow."



    Amy is drawn to this void, and uses her fascination to create dark, storybook images. “I find comfort and beauty here, in the most broken parts of myself - I take strength from suffering. Our struggles help us to appreciate the beauty of life.”


With Photoshop as her canvas, Amy creates surreal, painterly works. Using poetry & prose to weave a melancholy narrative, she mixes elements of the human experience with pure fantasy, exploring the darkness in her own soul. “This is how I confront my demons, embrace them, and release them back into the world.”


A lover of stories, Amy uses self portraiture to become a character in the fantasy worlds she creates. Desiring to live outside the confines of reality, she brings her dreams to life through compositing & photo-manipulation techniques. “I've never been satisfied with the limits of our existence, so I define my own.”


Amy's work frequently touches on concepts such as life & death - our ephemeral nature, and how it inspires us to live more fully. Fascinated by the duality of the human spirit, her work is an attempt to understand the contradictions we carry in ourselves – that we are both weak & powerful; full of darkness & light.


“I wish to connect with my work in a deeply personal way. I'm striving with every creation to find my story. To know myself intimately so that my art is an authentic reflection of my soul - to create something important, if only to myself. This is a process of self discovery, to connect with myself – with others – to be unburdened.”


     When she is not creating, Amy can be found dabbling on the drums, lost in a novel, or playing in the forests of Oregon. You can follow her work on Instagram & Flickr

Other Loves: Writing. Music. Night. Nature. Animals. Drums. Adventures. Books. Castles. Learning. Thunderstorms. ♥ 


To promote creativity, passion, and the power we have to shape our own realities.

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