Amy is a self taught visual artist currently residing in Portland, Oregon. Her dark, surreal imagery touches on concepts such as the ephemeral nature of life & inevitable death – as well as primal human emotions such as fear and sorrow. Amy turned to photography as a creative outlet for her wild imagination, to reflect her perspective on her own existence, and help others to feel less alone in their own. “I believe there is beauty in darkness – our light shines brightest against the shadows.”



June - Group Exhibition, The Zodiac Show, Splendorporium Gallery - Portland, Oregon.

The Zodiac Show

April - Group Exhibition, Journey Of Souls, LeoniArt Drop I, Taberna Degli Alabardieri - Genova, Italy.

Journey Of Souls

March - Group Exhibition, Night Gallery, Splendorporium Gallery - Portland, Oregon.

Night Gallery


January – Peculiars Magazine - Featured Image.

Image Feature: “Sleepwalkers: When I Wake”

January – Peculiars Magazine - Featured Image.

Image Feature: “When I’ve Lost My Way (In Darkness)”


May – Live Photoshoot/Workshop - Splendorporium Gallery - Portland Oregon.


June - Fine Art Model - Brooke Shaden’s Promoting Passion Convention - Seattle Washington.

Promoting Passion Event



November – Group Exhibition- US representative, LeoniArt Project, Palazzo Doria Spinola - Genova, Italy.

Leoni Art Project

November – Group Exhibition, Pandora’s Box, Splendorporium Gallery - Portland Oregon.

Pandora’s Box

October – Group Exhibition, Day of the Dead, Splendorporium Gallery - Portland Oregon.

Day of the Dead

October – Group Exhibition, Tarot, Splendorporium Gallery - Portland Oregon.


August – Group Exhibition, 7 Deadly Sins, Splendorporium Gallery - Portland Oregon.

7 Deadly Sins

August – Group Exhibition, Lover's Eye, Splendorporium Gallery - Portland Oregon.

Lover's Eye


October – Soundbite Magazine - Featured Interview.

Step Into The Peculiar World of Amy Krencius through her Dark Surrealist Imagery…

October – Peculiars Magazine - Featured Image.

Image Feature: “The Silence of the Graveyard: The Watcher”

December – Peculiars Magazine - Featured Image.

Image Feature: “The Whispers”