The Echoes.

[all that remains, as our time slips away;
only shadows retained, for all memories fade...]

She awakened to the endless night,
Alone amidst the empty skies;
In blackened realms where shadows die,
And life is but a moments light.

A light that flickers until it fades,
And dreams depart in sorrows gaze,
Where ashes fall upon the waves,
And roses lie on lonesome graves.

A weighted angel takes her place,
Eternal dark her soul's embrace;
And in the endless void she lies,
Alone amidst the empty skies...


And her breath slipped away,
And her flesh did decay,
All her dreams, all her fears - all was lost with the days.
And though memories stayed,
For her love did remain;
All that's left to pervade, are the echoes she made...