I am the fearful that wanders these halls; 
This wakening nightmare enslaves and enthralls. 
I am the lost, here I wander alone; 
My realm built of terror, into the unknown. 

You were my dearest, most trusted of friend; 
The one that has been and shall be to the end. 
You were all that I knew (all I could see); 
Within this refuge, it was just you and me. 

I am the desolate, broken and lost; 
I've paid for my sins, and so high was the cost. 
I am chaos lying dormant within; 
Come, let me show you, lest you leave me again… 

You fell away, slipped away, coldly left me to drown;
Abandoned at the gates of this void that surrounds.
Fierce demons have woken, they lurk all around; 
As they rise, still I fall, and this world tears me down.

Mine is this fear, it is all that I know; 
This dread, it consumes me, I've no place to go.
Mine is this sorrow that burdens my soul; 
This wreckage inside, I am no longer whole. 

You were the truth I had known from the start; 
This monster (my monster) buried deep in my heart. 
Forever the nightmare, hidden in shame; 
This destruction is mine, this hell I have made...