While We Sleep.

I dreamt of demons, hidden in shade;
Of fire and shadow and murderous rage.
Of nightmares that rise as we lock up our doors;
Awakening fear as our consciousness fades... 

They claw and they rip and they tear at my mind;
No solace in dreaming, there's no place to hide.
The shadows are reigning, here in this cage;
Yet this is my doing, for I wrote this page...

Rending and searing and twisting my dreams;
Alone in the gloom with the nightmares unseen...

And I dreamt of monsters, walking this land;
An army of darkness, at my command.
They stalk and they creep and they slip through the night;
Scattering terror, bringing darkness to light. 

They loom in the shadows, whispering fear;
And into their clutches fall all that tread near.
Alone in my torment, there's no place to hide;
And darkness prevails, here in my mind...

Sneaking and prowling,
(they're haunting my sleep);
And I'm lost (all alone),
With my nightmares to keep...


* third stanza lines taken from Insomnium's 'Drawn to Black'.


I am the fearful that wanders these halls; 
This wakening nightmare enslaves and enthralls. 
I am the lost, here I wander alone; 
My realm built of terror, into the unknown. 

You were my dearest, most trusted of friend; 
The one that has been and shall be to the end. 
You were all that I knew (all I could see); 
Within this refuge, it was just you and me. 

I am the desolate, broken and lost; 
I've paid for my sins, and so high was the cost. 
I am chaos lying dormant within; 
Come, let me show you, lest you leave me again… 

You fell away, slipped away, coldly left me to drown;
Abandoned at the gates of this void that surrounds.
Fierce demons have woken, they lurk all around; 
As they rise, still I fall, and this world tears me down.

Mine is this fear, it is all that I know; 
This dread, it consumes me, I've no place to go.
Mine is this sorrow that burdens my soul; 
This wreckage inside, I am no longer whole. 

You were the truth I had known from the start; 
This monster (my monster) buried deep in my heart. 
Forever the nightmare, hidden in shame; 
This destruction is mine, this hell I have made... 

And Darkness Shall Fall Upon The World.

Oh where to begin? We were buried in sin…

For our guilt and our pride, all that's sacred has died,
And despair has corrupted this place;
We laid waste to this land, our fall caused by our hand,
What we thought was a stride was disgrace.

   [forgive us, my friend, this should never have been]
With the darkening skies, came the sorrowful cries,
Of the lost and most broken of men;
Still the last of their screams, drift away with my dreams, 
Of the lost and most shattered of them.

[and there was silence in the end]          

And they say no one knows, reasons nothing here grows,
Why we’re shrouded in darkness and death;
And they say it's the end, it's too late to amend,
Still I'll try with the last of my breath.

      [and the world was peaceful at the end]

Watch it all fade away, and look back towards the day;
We were lost, all was lost, and the world burned away.

Watch it all turn to dust, as we all know it must;
I have lost, we have lost, for our sins we shall pay... 

      And the world was peaceful at the end--
         And there was silence in the end.