Beneath My Skin.

I am weakness, I am power; 
I am darkness filled with light;
Born of strength, and carved from sorrow...
[I reside in endless night] 

In the silence I am haunted, shadows flicker through my mind.
I am falling, I am scattered; in the darkness I am blind...
To the depths in which I hide; to find solace I have tried.
Slowly fading, dissipating, I am lost here deep inside... 

Though my heart is made of stone; though it shatters like the glass;
Though these burdens are my own, still I know this too shall pass...

In the dead of blackest nights, in the dark before the dawn;
I find strength and I find power, to this beacon I am drawn...

[amidst the calm within my storm, the abyss that is my soul;
I am frail, I am unbroken, I am shattered, I am whole] 

For I am weakness, I am power; I am darkness filled with light.
Carved from strength and born of sorrow...
[in my world of endless night]

Though my strength, it comes and goes;
Though I'm glass encased in stone.
In these cuts where darkness shows;
That this monster is my own.

Though I'm lost and I am cracked;
Though the sorrow fills my soul.
In the dark where I am trapped;
I am broken, shattered, whole...

The Dark That Remains.

Deep in the darkness I hide;
Here in this silence await;
Apart from the sadness inside;
The melancholy that is my fate... 

Though I have tried to resist;
Try as I might to break free;
This darkness inside still exists;
It has been, shall always, be me... 

[sorrow, sorrow, deep in my soul...
I'm broken, I'm shattered, I'm made again whole.] 

And though I have tried to resist;
Though I have yearned to break free;
This darkness holds deep in my heart;
Forever and always, it's me...
Still deep in the darkness I find;
This solace and comfort inside;
For here in this void I can see;
It has been, shall always, be me...

The Littlest Things.

In barren fields I stand;
The wind blows through my heart.
Upon this desolate land,
I've cherished from the start.

And tiny specks of light;
They flicker through this field.
As they fade into the night,
All that's broken becomes healed.

So as my soul is calmed;
And all that's fragile becomes new.
I revel in the overlooked;
 The little things that grew...

Into The Ephemeral Forest (Memento Mori).

Abandoned along this darkening path;
Encompassed here in blackened gloom.
Still burdened by this blinding wrath;
Stark dread enshrines me like a tomb.
In sorrowful silence, without a sound;
 Mourn all that’s lost, forevermore.
For in this stillness here I've found;
 My sins are washed away once more.
  |no demons knocking at my door|
Soft shadows of doubt may fiercely whisper;
Yet never shall I fall back down.
Though defenseless on this river;
Still never shall I seek to drown.
   |for never shall life break me down|
I must follow my own light through these trees;
I’ll haunt the dark that’s haunted me.
If death comes drifting with the breeze;
Such is my fate, what’s meant for me.
Yet as I witness all shall fade;
The dreams I held, the plans I made.
I’ll lay my sword beneath this shade…
     |and death shall find me unafraid|