The Echoes.

[all that remains, as our time slips away;
only shadows retained, for all memories fade...]

She awakened to the endless night,
Alone amidst the empty skies;
In blackened realms where shadows die,
And life is but a moments light.

A light that flickers until it fades,
And dreams depart in sorrows gaze,
Where ashes fall upon the waves,
And roses lie on lonesome graves.

A weighted angel takes her place,
Eternal dark her soul's embrace;
And in the endless void she lies,
Alone amidst the empty skies...


And her breath slipped away,
And her flesh did decay,
All her dreams, all her fears - all was lost with the days.
And though memories stayed,
For her love did remain;
All that's left to pervade, are the echoes she made...


I am but a shadow;
I fade into the night.
The dark creeps in upon me;
The void, it fills my sight.

Each breath is but a moment;
I never could get back.
And life is but a fleeting glance,
A shadow at my back...

[and out of the dark, rose “nevermore”]

Ominous figures of inky black, amassed upon this shore;
The messengers of years gone by, shall pass me by no more...

For each breath is but a moment;
Each sunrise fades to black.
And though the shadows come for me,
Still, I never could look back...

[into the night we all shall fade; from dirt we rise, to dirt repaid]

For I am but a shadow; 
I must fade into the night.
Though this dark, it moves upon me,
Still, I revel in the light.

[and the darkness whispered, “nevermore”]

I knelt upon this barren land, death trickling down my spine;
And as I watched my shadows fall, I cherished what was mine.

[and darkness descended upon my masses, singing “nevermore”]

Into The Ephemeral Forest (Memento Mori).

Abandoned along this darkening path;
Encompassed here in blackened gloom.
Still burdened by this blinding wrath;
Stark dread enshrines me like a tomb.
In sorrowful silence, without a sound;
 Mourn all that’s lost, forevermore.
For in this stillness here I've found;
 My sins are washed away once more.
  |no demons knocking at my door|
Soft shadows of doubt may fiercely whisper;
Yet never shall I fall back down.
Though defenseless on this river;
Still never shall I seek to drown.
   |for never shall life break me down|
I must follow my own light through these trees;
I’ll haunt the dark that’s haunted me.
If death comes drifting with the breeze;
Such is my fate, what’s meant for me.
Yet as I witness all shall fade;
The dreams I held, the plans I made.
I’ll lay my sword beneath this shade…
     |and death shall find me unafraid|